Week 12: -/-/-/-/-

This is the final week of urban codemaking. We have learnt much and look forward to presenting our findings to the City of Melbourne. In the meantime, there are five days left to collect the remaining IDEOTAGs that are recoding the city.

Where possible old codes have been transplanted with those that are new. Codes for wayfinding, codes that regulate, legacy codes, historical codes, private and public codes. Reflections on our time in Melbourne and suggestions for a way forward from here.

The game ends on Monday. Our vision for the city has been renewed…

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Cross tagging mayhem

Guild masters are advising operatives to tag sites daily as they undertake last minute research to finalise urban planning proposals that aspire to complete our original goal – to rezone the city through play. Despite all the competition and conflict (and alleged sabotage) we feel that some truth about the City of Melbourne will emerge at the end of it all…

In the meantime there are double IDEOTAGs to collect this week! Game concludes on Monday 7th February.

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Codes: remaining eight sites identified

Short note after a long weekend – all sixteen sites have been identified. Watch these spaces after the game concludes next Monday — eight days until the guilds publish their results ::: check CE + MC + LU for work in progress.

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Flanigan Lane, Melbourne

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Virus brings Urbanist to 134

Nodes of the Locative Urbanist‘s city virus continue to appear, slowed by the Codemakers efforts with grids. This may have influenced his score and so his proposal for rezoning the city has a real possibility of being considered by the city.

This score is thanks largely to the efforts of ‘chicken’ and ‘Tagmagnet’ the Urbanists have risen to 134. Still 74 tags away from the Codemakers at 208 with 9 days to go. This week we are marking out our territory in the city – the remaining eight sites are likely to be coded this weekend…

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