Guilds in action with four days to go

Brief update with 4 days to go. Score is: CE 82 /  Urbanists 205 / Codemakers 211

Crossmedia Ecologist: she is missing in action. Strange coincidence given this. Posting it on your own blog won’t draw suspicion…

Locative Urbanist: renewed hope with a score of 205. The autonomous city-cum-program lives again?

Master Codemaker: off on his own mission it seems. Check this out and the message received from him in the field – – –

‘The revelation is at hand.

The MasterCodemaker invites players to seek out the final co-ordinates in the Ludean origins of Melbourne.  Two maps will be shortly posted that will guide you to your final destinations.  Seek out the true identity of Rebus Stroller!’


Rezone the city through play indeed.

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