In search of the Gelded Third Ho

Of the many conundrums which exercised the singular logic of Bolde Herde Tö, none was so challenging – so portentously challenging, as we shall see – as the creation of the Gelded Third Ho.  As its name suggests, this inspired creation was Tö’s attempt to link people intimately with their built environment, to contour them into patterns and modes of contact that you refer to as social.  In the Third Language you will learn, these habits are known as play.

Amid the restless fervour of a city in the making, Bolde Herde Tö established a portal in what is now referred to as Bourke Street in the Guild known in Ludean as 001, the symbol of creation.  Tö continued the pioneering work of Rebus Stroller, the symbol of whose Guild, the compass, was later discredited as contentious and for not being of this world.  This early tension among the codemaking guilds would have ramifications for many years to come.

You have been invited by the other Guild masters to see your city differently, to seek out new and emergent patterns in its streets and laneways, like previously unseen figures in a carpet.  Once recognised, you will see nothing else.  You have also been invited to reject the surface features and façades of your environment.  The Guild Masters have given you temporary read/write access to the very program that initiated the Gelded Third Ho.  A semblance of this program was recently found in the archives of Ludea:

This privilege should not be taken for granted.  The Master Codemaker cautions you to be mindful of the power bestowed upon you.  You will be in the possession of fundamental source code that, as in the past, was governed by the world-making principles of iteration|| permutation ::: remake || remodel.  A world to come (or perhaps to be re-discovered) is in your hands.

I have advised the other Guild Masters to exercise prudence, to be vigilant as they invest you with this prodigious capacity to re-invent Melbourne in the name of its ludic ancestors.  Such knowledge has created unrest in the past among the Guilds. I shall be observing them just as they watch you.  They, like you, will never know when.  In the spirit of your Flaubert, whom I understand is a prized creator of world algorithms in one of your languages, the Master Codemaker is everywhere at once but nowhere seen, paring, if he had any, his fingernails.

Who among you is prepared to enter the labyrinth of the Gelded Third Ho?

I shall be soon posting details of a co-ordinate for you to seek out and commence your journey.

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